See. Know. Play. Grow.


Help Super Yogis make a bigger impact on children EVERYWHERE!


We are now in the next phase of Super Yogis and we need to grow, grow, grow!

Please help us take our vision to the next level by making a donation.


For everyone who donates, your name will be added to our Super Yogis Raffle!

Two winners will get 2 VIP Tickets each to Mammoth Yoga Festival in 2022! Valued at $2000. We will name the winners June 1, 2021. 


The first 5 people who donate between $150 - $250 get a free Jade Yoga Harmony Mat

The first 5 people who donate between $100-$149 get a free Jade Yoga Travel Mat.

The first 5 people who donate between $75-$99 get a free Jade Yoga Voyager Mat.
(Update: we already have these sent out to the 15 people who donated but please keep donating! We need your help!) 


For those who donate up to $150 you will get a Special Thanks Shoutout at the end of our Season 4 videos.

If you donate more than $150 you will get a special Producer Credit at the end of our Season 4 videos. 


Super Yogis Online Shop is NOW OPEN!

Be the first to get super fun stuff like a bilingual coloring book and more!

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Super Yogis are great observers!

See the world and use your 5 senses to explore what’s around you!

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Super Yogis like to learn!


Let’s expand our minds and fill it up with smart stuff!

Super Yogis love to play!


Move our bodies and do fun poses!

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Super Yogis always grow!

When we use what we see and know, we can’t help to grow!

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Super Yogis Spotlight!

A peek into our instagram feed to learn about mindfulness, kids yoga, upcoming YouTube shows and see how much fun we have in our own Super Yogis home!