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Welcome to Super Yogis, a pioneering yoga-inspired curriculum for kids that teaches life skills, coping mechanisms, movement, mindfulness, values and most importantly, fun!


Help kids manage stress, calm themselves and, most importantly, love themselves.

From Our Founder:

“I am so excited to have created a learning environment that I would’ve liked to have gone to when I was that age. And now that I have the yoga background I can teach kids some of these life lessons, but in a fun and supportive environment. Really empowering them to live life in a way that serves them and others mutually.”

Rina Jakubowicz

Parents Get To Do Yoga Too!

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Children Meditating

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Yoga Alliance registered and previous partnership with Yoga Journal.


Why you will love this approach to fun and learning for your children...

Rina Jakubowicz designed the Super Yogis Show as a place for kids to get together and share similar issues.

  • Practical life skills taught in the ancient teachings of yoga like Vedanta and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. 

  • Healthy tools to feel good in their bodies and with their emotions.

  • Help decrease anxiety.

  • Help cope with negative emotions.

The classes consist of a theme, breathing exercises, poses, games, activities, adventures, meditations, songs and relaxation.

All learning is based on fun, feeling empowered and being uplifted!

Rina wishes she had these tools in school herself.

Kids with Capes

Libby Gonzalez

I cannot explain the gratitude I have for Rina and all that I’ve learned from her and now being able to pass along to my kids is truly a special gift.

Summer Sullivan

The benefits of attending her classes are endless and the lessons learned can help reduce aggression, bullying, emotional disorders, poor self-esteem, and behavioral problems.

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