Who are Super Yogis?

Super Yogis are you! Me! Everyone who wants to

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About Rina

I’m Rina of Super Yogis and we are super excited to share our new kids yoga series with you! The series is all about helping you learn how to be happier by feeling good in your bodies and mind. You will discover how to love yourself, be calm and free, have happy habits, be kind, truthful, positive, clean, curious, focused, and so much more! The show will focus on your wellbeing by giving you tools to help deal with all the ups and down of life. 


We will teach you how to be your own best friend through movement and mindfulness. 


With these lessons, it is my hope that we can all be Super Yogis Together! 


Signing off with a Namaste….

Namastay Brave, Namastay Loving, Namastay Fun, Namastay You!