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Super SELfy in Schools

With the guidance of our two education advisors, Dr. Hector Montenegro (Senior District Advisor for CASEL) and Dr. Cynthia Chasteen, Super SELfy is SEL-aligned (social-emotional learning) and offers curriculum focusing on building curiosity, creativity, compassion, values, exercise, movement, self-care, solving problems, thinking beyond the box, health, community, communication, social and emotional management, and of course, love and fun! 

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Kids in Preschool


Our mission is to happify and healthify children's lives. 

How we do it...

Building social emotional learning competencies through mindfulness, yoga, community, play and discovery with a pilot program for your school.

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Super Yogis Advisors


Yoga and Mindfulness in Schools Research:

  • 12-week yoga intervention for Kindergarten students with two thirty-minute yoga classes each week = improved attention and reduced hyperactivity, enhanced cognitive and behavioral factors helpful for academic and social emotional development. (Jarraya, S., Wagner, M., Jarraya, M., & Engel, F.A. (2019).)

  • Eight-week yoga intervention for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students = increase in participants’ self-regulation skills and benefits related to physical, cognitive and emotional abilities. (Rashedi, R.N., Wajanakunakorn, M., & Hu, C.J. (2019).) 


  • Literature on yoga interventions in school revealed benefits of yoga and mindfulness on children’s abilities to cope with stress and anxiety, students’ self regulation skills, as well as cognitive and social emotional competencies were also enhanced with mindful movement and meditation practice. (Nanthakumar, C. (2018).) 


  • A prospective study published in the March issue of the journal The Lancet Psychiatry found that even light activity — and a corresponding decrease in the amount of time that kids spent being sedentary — was linked to better mental health as they got older.

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